Blog Event Calendar
Make a Blog Event Calendar to display a calendar of events on your blog.
Now, your blog readers will be able to:
  • View detailed information about events
  • Share events with friends
  • Get reminders of upcoming events
  • Add your blog events to their own calendars
  • See complete list of features
Display your calendar in many formats, including:
Choose a color theme to match your blog, or set your own custom color.
Add visual sffects such as: scroll (or ticker), fade, slide, or rotate.
Setup Instructions
Blog Postings Calendar
A calendar can also be setup to display postings from a blog as the calendar events.
A Blog Postings Calendar can be displayed in any style, size, or color and may be used in addition to the blog event calendar.
See the API for additional InstantCal Blog Event Calendar and Blog Postings Calendar settings.