Blog Postings Calendar
A Blog Postings Calendar displays blog entries ('postings') in a calendar format.
This is similar to a blog 'Archive', but in a calendar display format and with calendar-style date navigation.
Because blog entries are in the past, the usual format for blog postings calendars is very minimal, and does not include interactive features. For example, a 'datepicker' calendar format containing a basic list of events provides a simple, clean-looking calendar of blog postings.
The Blog Postings Calendar uses the blog RSS feed and automatically converts it to a calendar format without any additional changes.
To setup InstantCal as a Blog Postings Calendar:
  • Use the InstantCal Demo page
  • Click 'Show Test Calendar'
  • Replace the 'file=RSS feed' portion of the HTML embed code with the RSS feed link of the blog
  • Paste the HTML embed code into the blog page (or other web page) where the calendar will be displayed
See the API for additional InstantCal calendar settings.