InstantCal Event Calendar Features:
Add calendar to any website, blog, and other web locations (see Demo)
Any calendar created by a desktop or web-based calendar application can be used
 (e.g. Outlook, MobileMe, Google, Yahoo, iCal or Webcal files)
Calendarize a time-line feed (e.g. RSS news feed, Twitter feed)
Categories of events
Color calendar events
Customize output (see API)
Formats: Datepickers, Grids, Lists, Tables, Ticker (see Example Formats)
Email calendars or calendar events
Event-focused calendars (see Example Event-views)
Export events to personal calendar
Map event locations
Multiple calendars
Multiple data sources: RSS, URI, Webcal, Hosted calendars, etc.
Notifications: new, changed, or cancelled events
Printed output
Recurring events
Reminders for upcoming events
RSS news feed reader delivery
Save/Download calendar information
Share events through social networks and bookmark sites
Themes (color schemes)
Timezone selector
Visual effects: scroll, fade, rotate, slide, ticker
Widget-based (no page reloads, interactive, small)
100% web-based - no customer or server software to install or update
SAAS - no server load or management
See a list of all event calendar actions
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