Website Event Calendar
Make a Website Event Calendar to display a calendar on your website.
Website visitors get:
  • Detailed information about events, including Location Map and Weather
  • Event sharing (Email, SMS, Social Networks)
  • Reminders of upcoming events (Email, SMS)
  • Adding events to personal calendars
  • View All Calendar Actions
Calendar display formats include:
Key Features:
  • Custom display: lists, tables, dates pickers, daily, multi-day, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, annual, multi-view
  • Colors: pre-defined themes, custom colors
  • Special Effects: scroll, ticker, fade, slide, rotate
  • View List of Features
Setup Instructions
  • Make a Website Event Calendar
  • Paste the HTML embed code into the web page where the calendar should be displayed. Or, add the HTML embed code to a new web page on the website and link to that page.
Want more options? Customize the calendar with settings from the API.